Saturday, February 21, 2009

**New - Cheese Igloo's, Bjork, Stephen Fry, & Frotting

Friday 21st Feb... Well, it's been an odd week. I attempted to build a cheese igloo, using Cheddar at first, but swiftly moved onto Fribourgeois when the original igloo's roof collapsed. I did try to reinforce the roof of said structure, with breadsticks and Twiglets, but alas, there was no saving it. I thought the Fribourgeois would produce something a bit more sturdy, but it too fell at the first hurdle, it's dryness failing it somewhat. Onwards and upwards though! I wont be perturbed. I'll try again once I've researched my cheeses a bit more, and found something more suitable and sturdy for roofing. Twiglets are rubbish.

Then there were my Twitterings, or Tweets, if you like. It all started off normal enough, a few Tweets with family, friends, former inmates [just kidding - maybe], and then, well... it all went a bit odd. 
Firstly, Stephen Fry started following me. Yes, 'the' Stephen Fry, I kid you not, you can look at my Tweets & my Twitter followers, its all there! Then he sent a message to my dogs. But it gets weirder... I had Phil Jupitus [yes, 'the' Phil Jupitus] talking to me in French and asking if he was being 'too familiar'... the word must have spread that I've been let out, and the Tweets came pouring in. 

Soon I was conversing with the incredible Stevyn Colgan [who I chat a little with most mornings now whilst he's on the train, or in some coffee shop], we chatted briefly about 'frotting' and 'froteurs' on Tokyo subways, and the growing number of 'Frots' in the world. 
I was working on websites, Twittering away, and before I knew it, it was 4am... I sent out a Twitter plea... 'Ok, will somebody please tell me to bugger off to bed'. 

   Once again the Tweets came pouring in... The Queen, Stevyn Colgan, even the wonderfully talented photographer Sean Johnson joined in and told me ''Bugger off to bed Lise, NOW. SLEEP LISE, SLEEP!''. Bjork - yes, 'the' Bjork is also now following me... I have no clue as to where this will lead. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous.

Its a funny old world. And I thought my cheese igloo was going to be the highlight of my week. Any suggestions for hard but pliable and workable cheese's would be received with my heartfelt thanks. 

New Blog Coming Soon... Robert Mugabwe, Ena Sharples, Pole Dancing Donkey's and the Lost Dr. Who episodes...

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