Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So much going on, so much to do... and all I want to do is - everythinggggg! My head is spinning like a crack addled whore in a blender, and I LOVE it. This is my drug of choice... Mania. Ha - haaaaaa! Love it. New blog below. Thanks for taking the time, I really do appreciate it. 

'' Prejudice and restraint, hate both! I hate being held down, pinned in, talked at, talked down to, bulllied, feeling inadequate, and being expected not to question things... I was a 'problem' kid, and I've turned into a 'problem' adult. '' - Lise.

'' Am I an anarchist? Hell yes, to a point. I think more people should be. More people should question things, feed their brains, BE something - stop following the crowd and do your own thing, we all know what happens to sheep at the end of their day, and its not nice. Question everything, make trouble, piss people off, make yourself heard, be a pain in the arse. It gets things done, and it stops the 'little people' from being trampled on and forgotten about. Am I a lunatic? ... I'm THE lunatic.'' - Lise.

Whats this?

I have no clue. I have no clue about many things in life... some baffle me, some bore me, but the question 'whats this?' is one that continues to intrigue me, and I still dont know what 'this' is. Confused? Me too.

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